Badminton / Malaysia Open: Rashid salutes Hafiz



NATIONAL singles coach Rashid Sidek applauded Hafiz Hashim’s intention to quit the national team as the former felt it is rare to see a player admitting his weaknesses and willing to give other deserving players an opportunity to excel.

Hafiz stated on Wednesday he had nothing more to offer to the national team and felt that the BA of Malaysia (BAM) should use the allocations it is spending on him to provide more exposure for the younger shuttlers.

Hafiz stated he doesn’t have the motivation anymore to attend national training and wants to try out a new challenge as an independent player.
Rashid said he was not surprised with Hafiz’s decision and felt that every player should be able to evaluate his or her own performance at some stage of their careers in order to make the correct decision for the future.

“I am not surprised with his decision as Hafiz himself knows well about his condition and he has admitted that. But it still takes a lot of guts for a player to step aside in such a sincere manner,” said Rashid.

“He wants to depart in a decent manner and also mentioned that BAM can focus more on the back-up players with the allocation that the association is spending on him.
“Not many players will admit their weaknesses. I have seen so many shuttlers who are fast to pinpoint others’ weaknesses and this is a lesson to be learnt by the younger players.

“Hafiz has done what Wong Choong Hann did three years ago where the veteran was responsible for his own career and Hafiz will probably have some motivation again as he needs to perform well to survive.”

Rashid said Hafiz will not struggle as an independent player as he has been on his own during his time under Nusa Mahsuri.
Hafiz has made it clear he will not rejoin Nusa or that his decision has got anything to do with Misbun Sidek’s resignation as the singles coach.

BAM has also shown appreciation to Hafiz for the manner he handled the matter and the association is likely to give the green light during the council meeting on Sunday. BAM secretary Ng Chin Chai said the matter can be resolved if Hafiz can send his quit letter before the council meeting on Sunday and this is something the latter will gladly oblige.

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