Badminton / Malaysia Open: Coach keeps BAM guessing

NST > 21/1/2011


MISBUN Sidek came, guided Lee Chong Wei during his second round match and left Putra Stadium abruptly.

Misbun wasn’t interviewed by the media as he left the stadium as soon as Chong Wei advanced to the quarter-finals.

BA of Malaysia (BAM) secretary Ng Chin Chai said they had sent a letter to Misbun, appealing to him to reconsider his decision to resign and also invited him to come and help Chong Wei during the Malaysia Open.
“We sent a letter to Misbun immediately after our executive council meeting (on Dec 12) where we asked him to reconsider his decision to resign,” said Chin Chai.

“We have also added a paragraph in the letter requesting Misbun to come and help during the Malaysia Open for the sake of the country.

“We are happy to see Misbun coming over and guiding Chong Wei and we hope he will be around throughout to help him win the title.
“The council will deliberate on his letter (on Sunday) and it is the prerogative of the president to meet with Misbun and we will brief the council on the outcome of the meeting.”

High performance director Datuk James Selvaraj said he knew that Misbun would be coming for the Malaysia Open after feedback from assistant coach Tey Siu Bock.

“I knew he was coming and I was happy to see him helping Chong Wei.
“We must give some space to Misbun and Chong Wei and if they are comfortable with each other’s presence, we should not stop it,” said Selvaraj.

“If Chong Wei wants him to be in the Malaysia Open to help him win, let Misbun be here whenever he wants.”

BAM president Datuk Seri Nadzmi Salleh will return from his overseas trip today and is expected to have a meeting with Misbun in the next 48 hours.

The meeting will probably give a clear insight on Misbun’s future with BAM and it will be the basis where the council will come to a decision on Sunday.

However, looking at yesterday’s development, it looks to be a strong possibility that Misbun is willing to return but it still remains to be seen if he wants to drop the conditions he has set.

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