Chinese finish top three in Women’s 20km Walk



Liu Hong breaks the tape.


(BEIJING, April 18 ) — Chinese Liu Hong outpaced the rest of the pack, clocking 1:29:33 for first place in the Women’s 20km Walk at the 2008 IAAF Race Walking Challenge on Friday, April 18, at National Stadium in Beijing.

Forty-three walkers participated in the event, representing six countries: China, Australia, Japan, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, El Salvador. A large number of walkers represented China.

During the first half of the race, Chinese walkers dominated the top three positions, with Liu Hong, Jiang Qiuyan and Yang Mingxia clocking 44:54 at the 10k mark.

                    Chinese finish top three in Women's 20km Walk
Chinese walkers take the lead.

At the end of kilometer 14, Shi Yang from Chong Qing Province, China, showed her strength and jumped into the fourth position from seventh overall. During the last 4km, the competition got fierce among four Chinese walkers: Shi Yang, Liu Hong, Yang Yawei and Yang Mingxia. Finally, Liu Hong crossed the finish line ahead of the others to finish first.


Chinese finish top three in Women's 20km Walk
People hail for the walkers.

Race walkers must follow two requirements throughout the race: 1) The walker must have at least one foot on the ground at all times and 2) The advancing leg must be kept straight.

The Race Walking Challenge is the first competition to take place inside National Stadium.

Women’s 2okm Walk, final results:

1. Liu Hong, China, 1:29:33

2. Yang Yawei, China, 1:29:33

3. Shi Yang, China, 1:29:39

4. Yang Mingxia, China, 1:29:42

5. Shi Na, China, 1:30:48

6. Fuchise Masumi, Japan, 1:31:11

7. Jiang Qiuyan, China, 1:31:32

8. Kawasaki Mayumi, Japan, 1:32:47

9. Jiang Jing, China, 1:32:53

10. Zhou Kang, China, 1:34:17


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