Ironman Malaysia: Hot weather worries former world champion

NST Online>22/2/2008

By : Shirlexia Tan

FORMER world champion Faris Al-Sultan’s big worry in the Ironman Malaysia in Langkawi tomorrow is the heat and humidity.

Faris, who was the world champion in 2005 with a personal best time of 8:14:17 and is making his debut in Malaysia, hopes he can overcome the present hot weather in Langkawi.

“I know the pressure is on me because I was a world champion but that is long gone.

“I had three months preparation and I think all I have to do is to survive the hot conditions and to keep calm,” said Faris at a press conference yesterday.

“I had a bad season last year, so I hope to have a great start in Langkawi,” added the athlete, who believes the Czech Republic’s Peter Vabrousek is his big threat.

“He has a steady run and always challenges me in the last few kilometres of the race.

“Of course, the Japanese are also very strong but the main worry is still the heat, not the rivals.”

This year’s Ironman Malaysia has attracted 700 entries from 38 countries.

Besides Faris, the other big names are Canada’s Mathieu O’Halloran, Patrick Bless of the US and women athletes Yvonne Van Vierken of the Netherlands and Australian duo Marilyn McDonald and Belinda Granger.

Former national cyclist Wong Ah Thiam, Jasmi Sarael and Dr Fiona Lim will be leading Malaysia’s challenge.

Ironman Malaysia offers 35 spots to the World Championships.


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