China unveil high-tech Water Cube

The Star Online>29/1/2008

BEIJING: China yesterday unveiled their multi-million-dollar National Aquatic Stadium, a blue bubble-wrapped structure known as the Water Cube, which will stage the swimming events at the Olympics. 

The Beijing venue, covered by a membrane of tough Teflon-like plastic that resembles bubbling water, took four years to build and cost a reported US$200mil, largely financed by donations from Chinese living overseas. 

State of the art: An attendant cleaning a starting block yesterday as China unveiled their National Aquatic Stadium, better known as the Water Cube. – AFP

It stands close to another Beijing Olympic icon, the National Stadium or Bird’s Nest, which is scheduled for completion in April or May. 

“I am very moved and very proud,” said Li Aiqing, president of Beijing’s state-owned Asset Management Company which owns the Water Cube, at an inauguration ceremony. “This was a very ambitious project in terms of the construction technology, and a most difficult construction challenge.” 

The eco-friendly structure’s translucent shell allows in natural sunlight, providing heat and light and cutting energy use by up to 30%, according to the Beijing Olympic organising committee. 

The 17,000-seater venue will host swimming, diving, synchronised swimming and water polo during the Aug 8-24 Games. – AFP  

An outside view of the National Aquatic Stadium. – AFP

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3 Responses to “China unveil high-tech Water Cube”

  1. I have got a S.A. and I need to know what the High-tech features are and the green features my S.A. is due next week and need to have it done by then. I’m also in year 5 and need something for my age group so please get more info. as soon as possible

    Your’s Jessie

  2. I think I’m in the same class as this Jessie, but I’m asking the same question. I need the green and high-tech features by Monday 25 August at around 8:00am South Australian time. If you go on this website and know the answer please reply. (I’m also in yr. 5 at school.

    Tata for now,

  3. Yes, same but I’m not in the same class as u im in year 6 and i need info 2nite!

    thnx xxx

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