Don’t kill their dreams

NST Online >15/1/2008

Le Tua’s Anuar Manan is met by fans in Batu Pahat during the recent Jelajah Malaysia
Le Tua’s Anuar Manan is met by fans in Batu Pahat during the recent Jelajah Malaysia

JELAJAH Malaysia’s 41st edition that ended on Sunday showcased both the strength and weakness of Malaysian cycling.

The strength is in the undying love for the sport shown by the enthusiasts who ran the show and those in the Le Tua Cycling Team who were a class above the rest of the field.

Superior tactics won Le Tua two classified jerseys (overall through Tonton Susanto and points through Anuar Manan), three stages, the Malaysian teams classification and third in the overall teams classification.

Thus it was ironic that the first thing some in the Malaysian National Cycling Federation (MNCF) could offer Le Tua right after their sweep of titles was a warning that their registration as a continental team was under scrutiny.

While that was expected of the usual suspects, questions must be asked as to whether successful programmes run purely on the passion and support of enthusiasts should be subject to this kind of pressure?

Rather than causing problems, the MNCF can start helping the situation by offering solutions.

Because here are people already easing the National Sports Council’s and MNCF’s problems by bringing success without wasting taxpayers’ money.

This scenario wasn’t surprising at all because in the days leading up to Jelajah Malaysia, surprising views from Le Tour de Langkawi’s (LTdL) organising committee came to the fore.

LTdL’s organising committee is now asking Jelajah Malaysia organisers 10-Speed Events to shift their dates for next year’s event so as to not outshine LTdL.

And where was MNCF in this situation? It was merely a messenger, conveying the message to 10-Speed via president Abu Samah Wahab.

MNCF’s position should have been for more international races to be held in the first quarter of the year where Jelajah Malaysia and LTdL are already established.

Unfortunately, MNCF lacks the will to do so.


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