Jones used more than one drug

The Star Online > 23/12/2007

WHITE PLAINS (New York): Marion Jones used several different performance-enhancing drugs over a substantial period of time, according to a detailed doping calendar that was among pages of court documents released on Friday. 

Jones’ alleged doping regimen was part of a ledger that featured the names of athletes along with the performance-enhancing drugs they were taking and results of urine tests.  

The other names on the list are redacted. 

After long denying she ever had used performance-enhancing drugs, Jones admitted in October that she had taken the designer steroid “The Clear” from Sept 2000 to July 2001.  

“The Clear” has been linked to the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative (BALCO), the laboratory at the centre of the steroids scandal in professional sports. 

Getting high: Marion Jones took EPO, human growth hormone and THG using drops and injections. – AP

The International Olympic Committee formally stripped her of five Olympic medals on Dec 12, and banned the American sprinter from attending next year’s Beijing Olympics in any capacity. 

Jones took EPO, human growth hormone and THG using drops and injections, according to the court documents that showed use in 2000 and 2001. 

Jones’ October doping admission came as part of her guilty plea to lying to federal investigators in the BALCO case about using steroids.  

She will be sentenced on Jan 11, and prosecutors had suggested to Jones the prison term would be a maximum of six months. 

In the court documents, former BALCO vice president Jack Valente acknowledges creating the doping calendar and identifies the “Marion J” entries as referring to Jones. – AP 


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